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Our Team


The welfare of the children is of utmost importance and therefore we employ nurturing teachers and caregivers, who understand the different  stages of child development, respect the needs of families and promote cultural diversity. Our aim is to guide and provide a promising learning environment full of love and care for all children by implementing the concept of “whole child” and focusing on physical, social, emotional, personal and cognitive development.


It is essential that we recognize the whole team. No one person can do this alone.  Our Chef is constantly researching and maintaining a healthy and tasty menu supported by his amazing kitchen assistants.  Our grounds are tended with care and the behind the scenes efficiency is paramount.  The whole team makes Queen of Hearts work.


All volunteers and students that join our team throughout the year are police checked and supervised at all times whilst in the Nursery School.


The Queen of Hearts Training and Development Program is continual and live, maintaining growth in both personal and professional development of the team. All staff are kept fully up to date with current legislation and good practice through regular meetings and training.  

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