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Continuing to strive for Excellence and continuing to push the boundaries for our students

Queen of Hearts, Balmy Beach

​Queen of Hearts, Balmy Beach is the campus for the Academy, a private elementary school offering exceptional care and education from age 4.  There is also a licensed private nursery school at this campus with limited spaces.  The Academy and Nursery School is situated in a home-style environment just off Grey Road 1. Balmy Beach is also the venue for school age programs such as Film nights, Winter Adventure and other fun events throughout the year for children of all ages. This is also the home of the Global Guardians.


Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound

​Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound is a licensed private nursery school for 62 children.  Our school is located in a wing of the beautiful building at Timothy Christian School on 4th Ave West.  QYC, our school age program for before and after school and school holidays is also situated here.

Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound, North

​Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound North is licensed for 26 children. The classrooms are designed with a woodland theme in mind with the Tree of Knowledge as a special centerpiece. We are situated in the First United Church off 4th Ave West. We also have a QYC school aged program at this school running before and after school and other school age programs during school holidays.

Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound, South

​Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound South is licensed for 39 children and situated in the Lutheran Church of our Saviour, 4th Ave West. The classrooms are light and designed to create an atmosphere of engagement, instilling a love of learning from an early age.


QYC - Queen of Hearts Youth Club - situated at all our Queen of Hearts locations

​If you are looking for a fun, loving and secure environment for your school age child look no further than our youth club (QYC). Offering excellent care during Summer, Christmas, March Break and PD/PA Days.  We also have a before and after school QYC which is a relaxed environment with caring professional Club Councilors. Fun activities both inside and out will be available both ends of the day and nutritious refreshments will be available from our "Tuck Shop".  

Queen of Hearts Academy Support

The Queen of Hearts Academy offers academic support, homework guidance/help, tailored to your child's needs and supported by Ontario Certified Teachers .  This can be accessed at every campus.


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