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Our Nursery Schools


Queen of Hearts, Balmy Beach was licensed by the Education Department in June 2013 as a private Nursery School located in the beautiful Balmy Beach area of Georgian Bluffs, just outside Owen Sound. The school has an enrollment capacity of 42 children taking children from 12 months to 5 years old. The Nursery is brightly decorated, spacious and offers a wealth of stimulating activities for toddlers and preschool children. 

In September 2016, our second Queen of Hearts Nursery School opened in a wing of a Timothy Christian School on 4th Ave West, Owen Sound.  Like Queen of Hearts, Timothy Christian offers a challenging and secure environment where children are seen as individuals and routine and structure are maintained in a loving environment.  The children of Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound benefit from this calm and peaceful school. 

Our third Nursery School, Queen of Hearts, Owen Sound North opened Spring 2021 and is based off 4th Ave West in the First United Church.  This is a smaller Nursery School for 26 children and has a woodland theme with the same curriculum and wealth of activities offered in our other two.

​Whilst we continue to grow we have sought to maintain the highly personalized approach that we consider to be so essential.  We are very aware of the vital importance of these formative years in the life of a child and we take our responsibilities very seriously. First and foremost we want each child's experience of Queen of Hearts to be a thoroughly happy, enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Our aim is to encourage all children to discover their talents, to develop them to the full and to become interested in a wide range of different activities. Equally we aim to encourage the development of spiritual and moral values and this foundation of the school underpins all that we do.


Nursery Ethos

Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. With this in mind, the responsibility that we, as carers and educators of young children bear is enormous. We must, therefore, provide an environment that meets all the needs of the young child.


At Queen of Hearts, we provide a broadly based practical curriculum where the child develops at their own pace. Every aspect of development - social, emotional, intellectual, moral, physical and spiritual, are all equally important and need to be interwoven into the child's experiences. Where these experiences are interesting and the child is actively involved, there will be progress. Christian values are a key part of our Nursery School curriculum with Nativity Concerts being a favourite part of the year.  Other faiths are, however, also embraced and our Nursery Schools are inclusive to all. Every opportunity to play and talk is encouraged, as this is the way that the child learns about themselves and the world around them, educating your child for life. A child who is interested and actively involved will learn and thoroughly enjoy the experience.


Positive images play an important role in the development of confidence; therefore, what the child can do rather than what they cannot do is the starting point for learning.

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